Wave Slasher
Number of cards:
Release Date:
500 Trainer Tokens

Wave Slasher is a theme deck that was released into Pokèmon TCGO on the 03/2/2016. It is part of the BREAKPoint expansion.

List of Cards Edit

Amount Name Type Series
1 Greninja Water
1 Greninja Water
2 Frogadier Water
3 Froakie Water
1 Golduck Water
2 Psyduck Water
1 Slowking Water
2 Slowpoke Water
2 Cloyster Water
2 Shellder Water
2 Corsola Grass
2 Bayleef Grass
2 Chikorita Grass
2 Kricketune Grass
2 Kricketot Grass
1 Lilligant Grass
2 Petilil Grass
1 Fighting Fury Belt Item
1 Great Ball Item
1 Misty's Determination Supporter
2 Potion Item
2 Professor's Letter Item
1 Shauna Supporter
2 Tierno Supporter
1 Waly Supporter
9 Water Energy Energy
9 Grass Energy Energy

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