Theme Deck


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Theme Decks are a deck of Pokémon cards perfect to start with if your going into cooperative play. The deck is usually two types, loaded with energies, a holographic promo card and a coin. Starting with Black & White, a promo card to redeem the deck on Pokémon TCGO was added in.

List of Theme DecksEdit

Here is a list of all the theme decks in Pokèmon TCGO.

Black & WhiteEdit

Black & WhiteEdit

Emerging PowersEdit

Noble VictoriesEdit

Next DestiniesEdit

Dark ExplorersEdit

Dragons ExaltedEdit

Boundaries CrossedEdit

Plasma StormEdit

Plasma FreezeEdit

Plasma BlastEdit


Kalos Starter SetEdit



Furious FistsEdit

Phantom ForcesEdit

Primal ClashEdit

Roaring SkiesEdit

Ancient OriginsEdit


BREAKPoint Edit


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