Pokémon are the main sort of card in Pokémon TCGO. You must have at least one in each of your decks. There are many different Pokémon cards. You may only have 4 of the same Pokémon in each deck. Even if two Pokémon have different attacks but they have the same name, they both count as the same Pokémon. Pokémon who have an EX, Break, or something else in their name too are counted separately.

  • Here is a Sceptile.
  • This Secptile is different but is is still counted as the same card.
  • Here is another Sceptile but this one is not counted as the same card as the other PTO
  • 2 because it has an EX in its name.
  • This is different than the first 2 Sceptiles but the same as the third.
  • This is different from all the other Sceptiles because is has M before its name.


There are 11 different Pokémon types in the Pokémon TCGO. Here is a list:

  1. Grass
  2. Firec
  3. Water
  4. Lightning f
  5. Fighting
  6. Psychicx
  7. Darkx
  8. Metal
  9. Fairy
  10. Dragon
  11. Colorless

Type AdvantageEdit

Different types have different advantages and disadvantages against each other. There are two different types that are listed below.


Weakness is a disadvantage. Almost every Pokémon has a weakness. A Pokémon's weakness is shown on the bottom of the card with a type symbol and an x2. The weakness means that attacks from a Pokémon with the type that is shown do double damage to the Pokémon with the weakness.


Resistance is a disadvantage. It is shown next to weakness with a type symbol and a -20. The resistance means that attacks from a Pokémon with the type that is shown do 20 less damage.

Attack CostsEdit

On each Pokémon card you will find some type symbols before the attack name. Those are the amount of Energy needed to use that attack. Depending of the symbol, you need a different type of Energy. Here is a list of the types of Energy that can be shown on the card.

  1. Grass. Use Grass Energy.
  2. Fire. Use Fire Energy.
  3. Water. Use Water Energy.
  4. Lightning . Use Lightning Energy.
  5. Fighting. Use Fighting Energy.
  6. Psychic. Use Psychic Energy.
  7. Dark. Use Dark Energy.
  8. Metal. Use Metal rrnergy.
  1. Colorless. You may use any type of Energy.
  2. Blank. If you find a blank Energy symbol before an attack, that means that it costs no energy.

For more info about Energy visit the Energy Page.

Different sorts of PokémonEdit

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List of PokémonEdit

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