Daily Challenges

As of March 26, 2015; Daily challenges were released in the game.[1] Upon completion of a challenge, you will earn XP towards that specific type challenge. These core challenges appear that they are not time limited; however, at a glance of the work-in-progress snapshot[2],it appears there will be some timed challenges.

As you level up each element, you unlock certain awards (such as an elemental coin, card sleeves, and deck cover). Upon leveling up, you can obtain more abilities such as saving up to 3 daily challenges to complete at another date.[3]


To view your current challenge, click the profile icon (the icon with a head+torso at both the main screen and in the options menu).

The following is a list of what challenges were encountered:

Aside from the first three days likely being constant, the rest is expected to have some sort of randomization (such as different game mode and/or type). The following is a list of what I had encountered (do not be afraid to edit in what you saw).

To see the effects of leveling, please visit:

For leveling, you must increase your elemental EXP. For level 1 and 2 and you need 5 Xp and 10 Xp for level three 3.

Encountered Challenges

Basic Challenges (Level 1+)


  1. Here, random element type is limited to just Grass (G), Fire (R), Water (W) and Psychic (P). Likely to reflect the basic GRW decks and Mental Might (a Psychic-type deck).
  2. Game (challenge area) mode, located to the top-left of the challenges, is randomized between Any Game Mode (which means that decks in both Trainer Challenge and Random Battles count. 'Testing' mode in the challenge options does NOT count).
What you need to do


XP Earned

Prize Difficulty
Win 1 match with a deck that has a [G/R/W]-type.

{Day 1-3 challenges}

2 25x trainer tokens Common (circle)

Play 6 basic [Psychic] Pokémon.

{Day 4 challenge}

2 5-pack booster Common
Put 20 Basic [Type] Pokémon into play. 1 25x trainer tokens Uncommon (diamond)
Put 15 [Type] Evolution cards in to play. 2 50x trainer tokens Uncommon
KO 20 opposing Pokémon with your [Type] Pokémon 3 5-pack booster Rare (star)

Intermediate challenge (Level 5+)


  1. Now you unlock additional elements for the challenges, including metal and dragon, as well as additional challenges + prizes.
  2. It appears that these challenges are Random-Battle type only.
What you need to do


XP Earned

Prize Difficulty
Do 800 damage to opposing Pokémon with your [Type] Pokémon. 1 30x trainer tokens Common
Put 18 [Type] evolution Pokémon cards into play. 2 55x trainer tokens Uncommon
Knock out 24 pokemon with your [Type] Pokémon 3 5-card booster Rare
Leave 20 Pokémon Poisoned. 3 10-card booster Rare