Burning Spark

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Number of Cards:
Release Date:

Burning Spark is a theme deck that was released into Pokèmon TCGO on the 04/11/2015. It is part of the BREAKThrough expansion.

List of cardsEdit

Amount Name Type Series
1 Raichu Lightning
1 Raichu Lightning
3 Pikachu Lightning
1 Magnezone Lightning
2 Magneton Lightning
3 Magnemite Lightning
2 Dedenne Lightning
2 Stunfisk Lightning
2 Braixen Fire
3 Fennekin Fire
2 Quilava Fire
2 Cyndaquil Fire
2 Pansear Fire
1 Dodrio Colorless
2 Doduo Colorless
1 Smeargle Colorless
1 Fisherman Supporter
1 Giovanni's Scheme Supporter
1 Pokemon Center Lady Supporter
1 Pokemon Fan Club Supporter
2 Professor's Letter Item
1 Reserved Ticket Item
1 Super Rod Item
1 Skyla Supporter
1 Switch Item
1 Tierno Supporter
1 Wally Supporter
10 Lightning Energy Energy
8 Fire Energy Energy

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