A booster pack is an item bought from the Shop.

There are two types of packs that can be purchased from the Shop:

  • A 5-card booster pack (95 Tokens. Available before the Feb 3rd update. Not available anymore)
    • It is critical to note that there is no guarantees for rares within these 5-card packs
  • A 10-card booster pack (100 Gems or 200 Trainer Tokens) Legendary Treasures packs could be bought for 195 Trainer Tokens but that deal is no longer available. They can also be obtained by redeeming codes, winning tournaments, and by getting them in bundles.
    • At least 1 rare card is guaranteed. There is also a reverse-holo foil card (which has a chance to be another rare card) guaranteed to be included in the pack.
  • A 7-card booster pack (Can be obtained by redeeming codes).
    • 7-card booster packs are only available from the Double Crisis series.